“SEA SPICA,” a deluxe highspeed sightseeing cruiser serving the Setouchi region, will be operating in 2024 as well!

The West Japan Railway and Setonaikaikisen corporate groups are delighted to announce their plans to operate the SEA SPICA sightseeing cruiser again in 2024.

This superbly innovative vessel was exclusively developed to showcase the spectacular views of the numerous islands within the Seto Inland Sea. The goal is to ensure lasting memories and satisfaction to greater numbers of passengers making the rounds of the lovely scenery for which this area is famed. As was the case in 2023, the SEA SPICA course is coordinated with the “etSETOra” tourism train, Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train line and other overland routes, providing easier access around the Seto area to savor the local pleasures.

An ideal opportunity to enjoy the exhilarating natural environment of the Setouchi-Hiroshima region!

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