Setouchi Sea Line Cruise Route Ships Notification about establishing free Hiroshima Wi-Fi

Thank you for sailing the Setonaikaikisen Group cruise routes.

Access points for free Hiroshima Wi-Fi have been established on vessels sailing routes operated by Setouchi Sea Line.

Now it’s even more convenient to connect to Setonaikaikisen Super Jets Miyajima and Dogo, SEA PASEO 1, and SEA PASEO 2, which already have access points established.

There are also access points at Hiroshima Port, Kure Port, Koyo Port, Mitaka Port, Nakamachi Port, and Miyajima Port, so completing a connection at the ports makes going online seamless even when aboard a vessel.

Operation Start: February 1, 2021 (Mon.)

[Routes with Wi-Fi]Hiroshima/PH — Miyajima, Hiroshima — Etajima Koyo, Hiroshima — Etajima Nakamachi, Hiroshima — Etajima Mitaka, Kure — Etajima Koyo

[Vessels with Wi-Fi]

High-speed Ships: Seto, Waka, Hayashio, Oyashio, Super Chidori, Royal Chidori, New Chidori

Ferries: Furutaka, Irifune, Sea Friend

Wi-Fi is available on board the vessels noted above.


*You are required to register an e-mail address to use the free Hiroshima Wi-Fi.

For more information on how to use the free Hiroshima Wi-Fi, please refer to the [official website].

*It may be difficult to connect to Wi-Fi, depending on the conditions of the radio waves out at sea. Thank you for your understanding.