Cruiser Information


In service summer 2020!
High-speed sightseeing cruiser
The Setonaikaikisen Group launched service for the high-speed sightseeing cruiser, the SEA SPICA in the summer of 2020
Based on the Partnership Agreement to Promote Sea Tourism in the Setouchi Area,
the high-speed sightseeing cruiser, the SEA SPICA began service in the summer of 2020.
New Setouchi excursion routes that combine ships and railways from the Setonaikai Kisen Group and West Japan Railway Company
make the attractions of Setouchi accessible to even more people.


Setouchi sightseeing cruiser


SPICA is the brightest star in the Virgo constellation that symbolizes the goddess of fertility.
Its Japanese name is Shinjuboshi, meaning the pearl star.
The ship was named in the hope that it entices people on an open, carefree trip while cutting a sparkling white figure in Setouchi waters.

・Equipped with high-speed performance and facilities for pleasantly and efficiently enjoying the beauty of the Setouchi island archipelago
・Barrier-free design that includes the deck
・Onboard facilities that can also be comfortably utilized by overseas tourists
・Capacity to seat approx. 90 passengers to also accommodate cruises chartered by travel agencies




Gold accents set against the ship’s white body contrasted with dark blue call up images of the Setouchi sunset.

1F passenger seating

1F passenger seating

・Custom-designed sofa seating differs from ordinary high-speed ships
・Each seat is equipped with a table and drink holders
・Window seating is situated slightly towards the outside with a somewhat low seat back so the view out the window can be enjoyed by everyone

1F passenger seating

・Not only is there Wi-Fi and an AC outlet, but information is also provided in high-quality sound/video for overseas tourists
・Tourist information guides, souvenir sales, etc. are available for purchase

1F passenger seating

・An outdoor deck offers an area to freely move around
・Unique sofas feature a design inspired by the Setouchi islands
・A lift installed on the stairs provides barrier-free access

*Assistance was received from the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation for the barrier-free facilities on the ship.


Yasuyuki Kawanishi

Architect, designer. President of ICHIBANSEN/nextstations Co., Ltd.

Designer Yasuyuki Kawanishi
・1976 Born in Nara Prefecture
・2014 Established ICHIBANSEN/nextstations Co., Ltd.
・2020 Scheduled launch of spring services for the SEA SPICA designed by Mr. Kawanishi
He was also involved in designing the WEST EXPRESS Ginga for West Japan Railway Company.
Major Works

・Renovation for Nakamura Station, Tosa Kuroshio Railway Co., Ltd.

12 awards, including the Watford Group Brunel Award

・Hisatsu Orange Railway logo design

Top award for logo type design

・Station building, Makurazaki Station

Good Design Award

・Echigo TOKImeki Resort Setsugekka, Echigo TOKImeki Railway Company

6 awards, including top award for the Public Space Category of SBID International Design Awards