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Miyajima-Matsuyama Cruise Pass (connecting ticket)

Miyajima-Matsuyama One way ¥8,700!
*An additional Miyajima Visitor Tax of ¥100 is required for departures from Matsuyama.

【What is Miyajima-Matsuyama Cruise Pass?】
It is a one-way transit ticket that includes “Hiroshima-Kure-Matsuyama Route Super Jet” and “Hiroshima-Miyajima Route High Speed Boat” with a maximum discount of ¥1,500. This ticket is available every day without any blackout dates due to the regular service.
*About Miyajima Visitor Tax

【Recommended points】
・No need to go through the boarding procedure at the port of Hiroshima! An attendant will guide you from ship to ship.
・Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices at Matsuyama Kanko Port and Miyajima Port.
・Advance reservations are also available! Please contact us at the e-mail address below.

・Payment is by cash only. Credit cards, traffic IC cards, barcode payment, etc. cannot be used.
・Valid for 3 days including the day of purchase.
・You can take only one ride on each section. Unlimited rides are not available.
If you use the foreigner discount at Hiroshima-Matsuyama Routes, it is cheaper than the Miyajima-Matsuyama Cruise Pass.However, procedures must be completed at Hiroshima port.

*Do not have direct routes Miyajima to Matsuyama.